Lesson 1
Биографии Джейми Оливера и Джорджа Вашингтона, первая глава романа «Унесённые ветром» и Present Continuous
Это первый урок курса Pre-Intermediate онлайн-школы английского языка Grammar School. Ученики получают уроки каждый понедельник. Выполнять упражнения можно в любое время и в любом порядке, главное сдать работы на проверку до 23:59 пятницы.
План урока
Jamie Oliver
Текст для чтения и вопросы к тексту
George Washington
Текст для чтения и аудио к тексту
Gone with the Wind
Текст для чтения и аудио к тексту
Present Continuous
Теория и практика
Reading & Speaking
Jamie Oliver
1. Прочитайте текст вслух.
Jamie Oliver is one of Britain's favourite chefs – every week millions of people watch him on TV and use his recipes.
Jamie was born in Essex, England, in 1975. When he was only eight, he started helping in his parents' restaurant. He went to catering college when he was sixteen and then worked at the famous River Café in London for three years. His first TV programme was called the Naked Chef and it was an instant success. Jamie quickly became famous and in 1999 he prepared lunch for the British Prime Minister.
Now Jamie has got his own restaurants in London. One of them is called Fifteen. But it isn't a typical restaurant – every year Jamie takes fifteen young unemployed people and teaches them to become chefs.
Jamie got married in 2000 and he lives in London with his wife, Jools, and their five children, Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Buddy Bear Maurice and River Rocket. He's so busy that he doesn't have much free time, but he loves riding around London on his scooter and he plays the drums in a rock band. When he's at home he likes making bread and cooking pasta – his favourite ingredients are olive oil and lemons from Sicily.
Прочитайте текст не менее 10 раз.
2. Ответьте на вопросы.
1. How does he travel around London?
2. When did he get married?
3. Which instrument can he play?
4. How old was he when he started college?
5. How many children has he got?
6. How long did he work at the River Café?
7. Who did he make lunch for in 1999?
8. Why is his restaurant called Fifteen?
3. Запишите чтение на диктофон.
Воспользуйтесь любым приложением для записи аудио на смартфоне или онлайн-сервисом Voice Recorder.
Listening, READING, SPEAKING, writing
George Washington
1. Прослушайте запись, одновременно глядя в текст. Обратите внимание на произношение незнакомых слов.
2. Прочитайте текст вслух.
George Washington, the first president of the United States, was born February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was homeschooled until he was 16, when he left home to become a surveyor. A surveyor is someone who maps and inspects land. Washington was a talented cartographer, making dozens of maps in his lifetime. When he was 20, his older brother died, and Washington inherited his family's estate at Mount Vernon. At age 22, he became a major in the militia. By age 23, he was promoted to colonel, and was in command of all the soldiers in Virginia. At this time, George Washington and his men were fighting on the same side as the British in the French and Indian war.
In 1758, Washington left the militia and went home to Mount Vernon. He got married, and was elected to Virginia's House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses was a government body of representatives, similar to modern-day congress. During this time, the relationship between Great Britain and the American colonies began to be strained. The British had lost a lot of money in the French and Indian war, and they wanted to get some of it back. Unfortunately, they did this by creating new, heavy taxes that the colonists had to pay, and they did it without giving the colonists any say in the matter.
When the revolutionary war started in 1775, George Washington was appointed General and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. The British Army had more soldiers and more supplies than Washington, but he didn't give up! One famous battle he fought was the battle of Trenton. Washington took his troops across the icy Delaware River to surprise Hessian soldiers who were stationed there. The sneak attack allowed him to capture over 1,000 soldiers without much trouble.
Another important victory in the Revolutionary war was at Yorktown. Washington and his men defeated the British and they were forced to surrender. It was fought in 1781, and was the last major battle of the war. The American colonists had won. It took a few years for the newly freed colonies to create a strong government, but in 1787 the constitution was created.
On April 30th, 1789, George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States of America. He is the only president in history to be unanimously elected, which means that everyone voted for him. When his first four-year term as President was up, voters elected him again. In fact, he was so popular that he ran unopposed, which means that no one tried to be the president instead of him. George Washington was so well liked that he probably could have been the president until he died, but he didn't want America to have a leader like a king, who was in charge for their whole life. To help make sure that Presidents after him would step down when their turn was over, he set the example and went home to Mount Vernon in 1797.
On December 14, 1799, George Washington died at the age of 67. He was buried on his estate at Mount Vernon, where his body remains to this day. George Washington left a lasting legacy. He is often called the 'father of our country' because he played such an important part in the founding of the United States. His picture is on dollar bills and quarters, a monument to him stands in Washington DC, the capital city that was named for him, and we celebrate his birthday every February. More than 200 years after his death, he is still remembered as was written of him: "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."
3. Запишите чтение на диктофон.
4. Напишите автобиографию в десяти предложениях. Используйте слова и выражения из этого и предыдущего текстов.
Listening & READINg
Gone with the Wind
Chapter 1
1. Прослушайте запись, одновременно глядя в текст. Обратите внимание на произношение незнакомых слов.
Книга Gone with the Wind доступна для чтения на Bookmate. Ученики школы получают доступ к премиум-подписке на весь срок обучения.
2. Прочитайте текст самостоятельно.
3. Выпишите и выучите незнакомые слова.
Не нужно учить все слова. Составьте список из 50 наиболее распространённых в повседневной речи слов и выражений.
Present Continuous
Настоящее длительное время
1. Чтобы построить предложение в Present Continuous, используйте глагол to be в настоящем времени (am, is, are), а к основному глаголу добавьте -ing:
I am working.
Я работаю.

He is working.
Он работает.

She is working.
Она работает.

It is working.
Оно работает.

We are working.
Мы работаем.

You are working.
Вы работаете.
Ты работаешь.

They are working.
Они работают.
Составьте утвердительные предложения в Present Continuous

1. Look! Andy … (to work) in the garden.
2. I … (to watch) TV at the moment.
3. We … (to read) a book.
4. She … (to play) the piano.
5. Listen! Sue and John … (to sing).
6. My sister … (to clean) the bathroom.
7. Look! They … (to go) inside.
8. I … (to wait) in the car now.
9. Mrs. Miller … (to listen) to CDs.
10. We … (to speak) English now.
2. Чтобы построить отрицательное предложение, добавьте not после глагола to be:
I am not working.
Я не работаю.

He is not working.
Он не работает.

She is not working.
Она не работает.

It is not working.
Оно не работает.

We are not working.
Мы не работаем.

You are not working.
Вы не работаете.
Ты не работаешь.

They are not working.
Они не работают.
Составьте отрицательные предложения в Present Continuous

1. His brother ... (to write) a test at the moment.
2. They ... (to swim) in the pool.
3. Look! David and Max ... (to come) home.
4. My dog Charlie ... (to run) to the park.
5. I ... (to make) breakfast now.
6. We … (to play) a game.
7. I … (to draw) a picture.
8. He … (to make) pizza right now.
9. Susan and her brother … (to take) photos.
10. Dad … (to work) in the kitchen.
3. Чтобы составить вопрос, поставьте глагол to be в начало предложения:
Am I working?
Я работаю?

Is he working?
Он работает?

Is she working?
Она работает?

Is it working?
Оно работает?

Are we working?
Мы работаем?

Are you working?
Вы работаете?
Ты работаешь?

Are they working?
Они работают?
Составьте вопросительные предложения в Present Continuous

1. … John (to stand)?
2. … father (to shave)?
3. … the boys (to fight)?
4. … we (to jump)?
5. … they (to shout)?
6. … Mary (to walk)?
7. … you (to drink)?
8. … the teacher (to speak)?
9. … he (to write) a letter?
10. … she (to cook)?
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